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Adhesive SolutionsFor Any Application
Adhesives for Labels Transfer Tape Adhesives Pest & Insect Control Poly Bag Adhesives Custom Adhesive Formulation Adhesive Troubleshooting

Instant Access to Superior ADHESIVE SOLUTIONS

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Adhesives for the Clothing Industry

Providing Custom Adhesives for Fabrics and Textiles Internationally

Clothes adhesive applications from Heartland Adhesive in GermantownHeartland Adhesives is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-performance adhesives for use in the textiles and garment industries. From our home base near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we serve clients throughout the U.S., Europe, China, India, Canada and the world.

Recognized internationally as an innovative and trusted adhesive supplier, Heartland Adhesives focuses on the unique needs and standards of the textiles industry to deliver superior solutions, including custom formulations. If none of our 800+ adhesive formulations fit your needs, we’ll develop a custom adhesive that will.

Our most popular adhesives for fabric substrates feature:

Send us your specifications supply or formulate a top-quality fabric adhesive that meets all your requirements.


Adhesives for Fabric and clothing in Germantown, Wisconsin

We offer a wide range of adhesive formulations for the fabric, textile and garment industries, including:

For High-Performance Adhesives and Customer-Centric Service, Stick With Us

Today’s high-performance textiles increasingly rely upon adhesives in one way or another. Our extensive experience with mechanical, hydrogen, chemical and thermodynamic bonding puts Heartland Adhesives on the short list for any manufacturer looking for effective and lasting solutions.

When you partner with Heartland Adhesives, you can count on consistently high quality adhesives, quick turnaround, and world-class customer service. In addition to our state-of-the-industry manufacturing facility, we also house an on-site test lab to ensure the highest quality product.

Contact our textile adhesive specialists now for more information on our capabilities.